The Bicentenary of the independence of the five Central American provinces has arrived and it was an event of jubilation in all five countries, even more so for those who live by maintaining the status quo of elite democracy. Two centuries have already passed since Spanish power tacitly ceased its action on the American continent, so we could live for two centuries in a search for not only material well-being but also peaceful coexistence, but far from achieving it, we are currently seeing the implementation of a system of slavery protected by the democracy of the elites.

Against this backdrop, some thousands of citizens believed that the Bicentenary celebrations were an opportunity to foster the illusion of living in a kind of earthly paradise that the media usually call the happiest country in the world, without realising that only those who live with their backs turned to reality can be collectively happy.

Credits: MSJ

Credits: MSJ

The Bicentennial commemorative event included not only historical or geographical inaccuracies, but used the Spanish Black Legend and based the event on it, displaying a brazenness that goes unnoticed by most onlookers, but which cannot be overlooked.

For those who do not know what the Spanish Black Legend is, we can define it as a propaganda machine created by the enemies of the Spanish empire during the 16th century, who are precisely the so-called friends of trade and enemies of Spanishness. The creators and inciters of the Black Legend are the same ones that Max Weber defines as the creators of the capitalism that was embraced by Protestantism and the theology of Luther and Calvin. Under this theology that later became doctrine, Anglo-Saxon supremacist theories and academicist racism are encouraged; all of them enemies of what the Spanish empire and the Hispanity represent: diversity, Catholicism and worldview. What is the goal of this legend? The destruction of the Spanish empire and the Hispanity, and the rise of the Anglo-Saxon Protestant world and vision of capitalism and labour.

The Spanish Black Legend spread widely throughout the world thanks to modern propaganda machines such as cinema and literature. It would be rare to find a Hispanic who has not heard at least once in his or her life that what the Spanish did during the conquest and discovery of America was a slaughter. In fact, this is the prevailing discourse in the circles of public education employees. The Black Legend lies have become even more fashionable and will continue to grow in popularity because the elites not only allow it, but feed it daily, as everything indicates that the prevailing system of corruption in our region is so extensive and so widespread that it already seems rare for anyone to raise their voice against the Spanish Black Legend, and all because the elites are “protected” by foreign capital from the so-called rich and developed countries, that trade in dollars and also dictate the rules of global trade. All this may seem new, but Weber has already pointed it out in his work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. The elites promote and spread the Black Legend lies because they profit monetarily from keeping apart what was once united as the greatest brotherhood in history: the Hispanity.

The lies exposed in the bicentennial celebrations

Cutting to the chase, here I want to refer to several things that were put forward as absolute truths during the celebration of the Bicentenary of Independence held in San José, Costa Rica on 15 September. Let’s see:

1.- Extremely rich and peaceful indigenous people

The mise-en-scène shows a group of Indians or Native American settlers worshipping and pompously flaunting gold. The actors surround and worship a man carrying a gold figure as if it were a god. But while this appears to be real, it leaves out one of the real occupations of the native peoples: warfare.

Credits: MSJ

Credits: MSJ

It was Jean-Jacques Rousseau who created the vision that the first human beings lived in total peace, full of love and great kindness, where everything was shared and where there was no room for even an evil look. Well, the Spanish Black Legend, being an anti-Spanish propaganda machine and having among its enemies the French elites, ends up using Rousseau’s vision and incarnates it in the indigenous people. However, what this legend does not say and what the Bicentenary staging did not say is that the indigenous nations or tribes lived and subsisted thanks to the war and the humiliations they inflicted on other indigenous nations or tribes. For example, the hidden truth is that in Costa Rica the Huetares murdered other indigenous populations to the point of making them disappear completely, as demonstrated in historical documents by Juan Vázquez de Coronado. It is also hidden that the indigenous tribes were in the habit of sacrificing people in cruel ways, such as burying slaves and servants while they were still alive. Or nothing is said at all about the massacres carried out by the Couto Indians, who were in the habit not only of murdering other indigenous peoples but also of enslaving women and children and finally sacrificing them whenever they felt like it.

Why doesn’t the staging present any of this?

2.- Genocide

The mise-en-scène, after starting badly, takes the lie to the extreme a few minutes later when a Spanish caravel appears on the scene and from it descend soldiers who, more than soldiers, are murderers, as they kill all the natives in the first scene. This not only presents the central lie of the Spanish Black Legend, but also the director of the play forgot to leave even one of those Indians alive, because where does the population of America and Costa Rica come from if not from the mixture of blood between Indians and Spaniards?

Moment when a Spanish ship appears. Credits: MSJ

The moment when a Spanish ship appears. Credits: MSJ

This is one of the most stupid things that has ever been done. If we extend the logic of this Black Legend set-up, we come to the conclusion that all Costa Ricans and the inhabitants of Spanish America do not even carry a single indigenous nucleotide in their DNA. We are faced with the depravity of reality and truth that is simply galloping.

The staging blatantly proposes to erase the indigenous heritage of Costa Rica and perhaps of the entire continent, because if the scene where the Spaniards murder all the indigenous people is real, then you, me, and everyone who lives in Costa Rica and on the continent do not have indigenous ancestors and therefore we are 100% Spanish, or at least 100% European. As you can see, this scene is a complete nonsense which not only lies but offends and seeks to erase the indigenous heritage. If the scene in question had been real, then who are the inhabitants of the 24 indigenous territories that Costa Rica has created by law? Actors?

Spanish actors

Spanish actors “murder” indigenous people. Credits: MSJ

A foppish Spanish woman gives the go-ahead for the soldiers to kill the indigenous people, and it seems that this woman may well be Isabel, the Catholic Queen, as she then gives her blessing to Christianise two important indigenous people who appear to be caciques (chiefs). This micro scene, although short, is extremely effective in spreading the Black Legend, as it places Queen Isabel I as a kind of harpy thirsty for blood and power, nothing further from the truth because although those who live off the Black Legend propaganda insist on damaging the image and the name of Queen Isabel I, she was the first to sign a Royal Decree dated 1498 tacitly prohibiting the enslavement of the indigenous people in the New World, and not content with this, she sought by all means to persecute and punish those who committed abuses against the indigenous people. This is the figure of a queen who exalted not only the women but also humanism and the rights of the human being. But this continues and will continue to hurt those who falsify history.

Isabella descends from the caravel. Credits: MSJ

Isabella descends from the caravel. Credits: MSJ

3.- Independentism

In another scene we see a so-called criollo, that is, a Spanish citizen born in America who is clearly also of indigenous descent, being arrested by soldiers while shouting that he wants freedom and justice. Not content with the lies spread in previous scenes, it is claimed that in America there was not even freedom of speech.

At this point one thing must be borne in mind: Spain did not create colonies, but provinces and viceroyalties. The inhabitants of America were not occupied nations, but Spaniards with a greater or lesser degree of indigenous blood. But they were Spanish. Even the indigenous people were Spanish. This was not the case in the territories or nations where the Anglo-Saxons landed, since these were never seen as provinces or states of the imperial nation, but as colonies, and the system implemented was colonialism, which basically exploited as many of the resources of the plundered territory as possible, subduing its population with the technology of the time and never mixing their blood with that of the natives. So we see that the English, the French, the Dutch never mixed their blood with the natives or with their black slaves. Why? Because the ideas of racism were quite strong in the Anglo-Saxon Protestant world. It was inconceivable for them to even think of having children with beings they did not consider human.

Credits: MSJ

Credits: MSJ

The scene of the Spaniard saying that they wanted freedom and justice is just a fable and nothing more than that. How could a Spaniard want to stop being a Spaniard when what the rest of the world offered at that time was barbarism? This is like a Roman in the time of the Roman Empire seeking freedom in Judea, Germany or China. Complete stupidity.

Today it is well known that men like Simón Bolivar or José de San Martín were traitors who belonged to the British militia, that is, they worked for the British, and their only mission was to destroy and disunite what was already united: the Spanish empire. In other words, Bolivar and company never liberated anything or united anything; on the contrary, they disunited the same nation and provided the basic and ideal conditions for the enemies of Spanishness to do business and implement their vision of capitalism as we know it today. In saying this we are not taking the side of the communists at all. What we mean is that thanks to Bolivar the British were able to implement trade as we see it today, which went through the trade in human beings, through apartheid in Haiti, through the bloody episodes of the Belgian Congo and finally through the mass extermination of the indigenous nations in the current territories of Canada and the USA. Not forgetting the genocide of the Nazis against blacks, gipsies, homosexuals, and Jews.

Is that the freedom that the actor in the scene proclaims? The freedom of the friends of commerce? The freedom of Protestantism that murdered more people at the stake than were tried by the Spanish or Catholic Inquisition?

4.- The false map and the robbery of Bocas del Toro

Another of the lies put on stage appears at the moment of signing the act of independence in Guatemala since after a few moments a map of the five new republics is shown and it can be seen that the territory of Costa Rica lacks Bocas del Toro.

This small map of the province of Costa Rica dates from 1540 and includes the Costa Rican territories bounded by the Duchy of Veraguas.

This small map of the province of Costa Rica dates from 1540 and includes the Costa Rican territories bounded by the Duchy of Veraguas.

This omission is a serious error, because for those who did not know, the current territory of Bocas del Toro always belonged naturally and legally to the province of Costa Rica, and it was not until 1836 when the Colombian thieves occupied Bocas del Toro with an armed front and forced the Costa Ricans to abandon the territory. Colombia blatantly steals Bocas del Toro and the president at that time, Braulio Carrillo, is powerless to expel the Colombians. The Colombians then applied the same British techniques in the region as the British did against Argentina in the Malvinas in 1833. And how could they not, if Bolivar’s ideas had already been adopted by the Colombian Creole elite, where favours were done for the British. And Colombia has still not been able to wean itself from this, because it remains subservient to the children of the British: the USA.

5.- The first Virgin was not La Negrita

As this is a matter of lying, it is necessary to hide the fact that the first virgin worshipped in Costa Rica was not La Negrita, but Nuestra Señora de la Limpia Concepcion del Rescate de Ujarrás, who already in the year 1666 was credited with a miracle after the invasion of the English pirates led by Edward Mansfelt and Henry Morgan who killed people on their way through the province but were finally beaten by the brave Spanish soldiers of Cartago who without hesitation ran to expel the pirates that today many praise as friends of commerce.

The Virgin of Ujarrás had to be hidden and forgotten to give way to the Black Legend, even though she was seen in favour of Costa Rica on several occasions. It is unthinkable that a white-skinned virgin could be the patron saint of Costa Rica if on the other side of the street there is a black one. As if colour were the important thing in Hispanic culture.

6.- The first national dictator supported independence

To many people, it may sound heavy, but a hero of today’s Costa Rica was at the same time the country’s first dictator, Gregorio José Ramírez, who authoritatively took power by force of arms, persecuting and murdering the Spaniards who did not accept the independence of the province on 29 March 1823 until 16 April of the same year.

Harold Happy Bonilla, one of the most renowned historians on the subject of Costa Rican Presidents and Heads of State, records and confirms Gregorio José Ramírez as the first dictator in Costa Rican history. A dictator of local stock.

7.- Pacífica’s admiration for French assasins

The first president of Costa Rica had a wife who admired the French, but of course, she said nothing about the slavery and murderous system of the French. Her admiration was so great that when she saw herself as the quasi-owner of a small country, she unilaterally created a flag copying the French flag and from then on it was imposed as the national flag.

Place of executions in public streets, today called Place de la Concorde in Paris. A place of summary murders where the French delighted in watching the executioners decapitate people of all ages and from all economic and intellectual classes.

Place of executions in public streets, today called Place de la Concorde in Paris. A place of summary murders where the French delighted in watching the executioners decapitate people of all ages and from all economic and intellectual classes.

Pacífica admired the French so much, and despised her Spanish roots, that she overlooked the great crime of barbarism that the French Revolution represented and still represents, an episode in history where the French take off their masks and reveal what they really want: to murder their own countrymen. More than 40,000 Frenchmen are guillotined to death for what years later the elites of the West call the Beginning of Modern Democracy. What a democracy the elites impose!. And as a tribute, Pacífica Fernández, José María Castro Madriz‘s wife, is content to copy the flag of shame on which the seas of blood spilt by innocents between 1789 and 1804 dried up.

Was it fair for the elites of that time to forget their Hispanic and indigenous roots and honour with the national flag a nation that committed atrocities not only in Haiti but against its own citizens?

8.- Walker and his friends do not speak English

Far from expecting a word in English in the chapter on the National Anti–PiracyCampaign of 1856-1857, Walker speaks almost with a Tico accent.

Credits: MSJ

Credits: MSJ

Nor is anything said of England, which also had ambitions to take over the entire Caribbean coast not only of Costa Rica but from Chiapas to Bocas del Toro. Not a single reference is made to all this. There is not even mention of the pirate invasions or of the Zambos Mosquitos or Mizquitos, who had allied themselves with the English to hunt down Costa Rican Indians and sell them as slaves in Jamaica. But the culprit in the mise-en-scène is Spain and ultimately Hispanidad.

And this is as far as I can go in exposing the lies dramatised by the staging of the celebration of the Bicentenary of the Independence of Central America in the case of Costa Rica. It must be remembered that ideas and lies do not arise just because they do, but have a purpose and sponsors, and this is also the case with the Spanish Black Legend. To conclude, I leave a question that everyone can answer for themselves and in the light of their own knowledge:

Why and what do the elites of Spanish America and Costa Rica gain from allowing and promoting the spread of the Spanish Black Legend?

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