On 25 November, the writer Marcelo Gullo received the Religión en Libertad Literature Award for his cultural and intellectual work “in defence of historical truth”.

During the presentation of the prize after the publication of his culminating work, Madre Patria, the historian and doctor in Political Science said he did not consider himself worthy “to receive it in his own name” and dedicated it to the thinkers who preceded him in his dedication and formed his line of thought.

The “real” award winners: De Maeztu, Sierra and Castellani.

Especially, he began, “to an apostle and martyr of Hispanity, who was Ramiro de Maeztu (1874-1936)”.

Don Ramiro continues to bear the consequences of having defended the truth even after his death, because he is in a place that his own relatives cannot visit”, he said. “It is a continuous humiliation that he suffers year after year for having defended the truth of Hispanity”, he claimed in reference to the Basque journalist and author of the essay Defensa de la HIspanidad (Defence of Hispanity).

Picture of Ramiro de Maeztu.

The prize-winner dedicated his award to the Catholic thinker Ramiro de Maeztu, who was shot in 1936 and is known for his work Defensa de la Hispanidad, among others.

Gullo also wished to dedicate this award to his school teacher, Luis D’Aloisio, as well as to his “spiritual father”, Monsignor Fortunato Baldelli, the hispanist and Catholic Vicente Sierra and the well-known priest Leonardo Castellani.

Losing the fear of political correctness

After reiterating that he is only receiving it “in behalf of all of them” because he does not feel “worthy of receiving it personally”, the author broke down the pillars of the “regime of political correctness that we live in” and how to confront it from a spiritual and intellectual level.

A regime, he explained, “that has several axes. One of them is abortion, another is gender ideology, and another is the black legend of the Spanish conquest in America”.

As part of this “dictatorship”, the author notes that there is a continuous attack on Spain “not for what it did in America, which was extraordinary, but for having brought the true faith to the American continent.

And that, he continued, is the truth that we must dare to tell in a “dictatorship of political correctness that is imposed by our fear and cowardice”.

The future of Spain and Spanishness, “at stake”

Gullo addressed the hundred or so attendees, including Religión en Libertad‘s patrons and journalists, to warn that “the future of Spain and Hispanity is at stake”.

“Many Spaniards are silent in the face of the offence being done to Spain, to its history and to the greatest woman in its history, who is persecuted after her death by political groups who are opposed to telling the people the truth: that she was a saint”, he said, referring to Isabel the Catholic Queen.

“I ask you, as that saintly Pope said, not to be afraid”, he encouraged, referring to Saint John Paul II. Stand up, Spain does not have to ask for forgiveness. It is not that there was a pink conquest, it is that just describing the facts as they happened, it seems incredible that a nation could have brought such a feat to a continent”.

“There has never been, before or since in the history of humanity, a feat like that of Spain in America”, concluded the author of Madre Patria, “which took the Virgin Mary from the Rio Grande to Tierra de Fuego.

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