The Argentine professor publishes “Nada por lo que pedir perdón” (Espasa) to dismantle the current lies about the Spanish past.

Marcelo Gullo Omodeo, PhD in Political Science from the Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires), emerged on the Spanish historiographical horizon with “Madre patria” (Espasa) to remind us that, before statues of conquistadors were thrown down in America, there was a time when the Americans erected them. Now, just a year later, he publishes “Nada por lo que pedir perdón” (Nothing to apologise for), highlighting the legacy of the Spanish empire in the face of Anglo-Saxon “imperialism” and asking who are the ones pulling the strings of the iconoclastic fury affecting his continent. “After Spain was defeated by England and the Protestant powers, there were no more empires, there was only imperialism: Anglo-Saxon, Dutch and American, which was the one that stole the Philippines from Spain and imposed a ferocious dictatorship that changed the language and culture,” he says at the end of a tour of Spain that was filled conferences and events.

– To what do you attribute the attention your books are receiving in Spain?

– Look, here there has been a dictatorship of political correctness that has had at its core the black legend of Spain. This false history of rape, genocide and massacres in America is destined to amputate Spain’s cultural identity. This process has been going on for years without any resistance, belittling not only Spain’s history, but the people of the country. This attack has finally caused a reaction. People have said enough is enough. The book comes in that context that disproves that Spain was going to steal, kill and murder America. We must remember the 30-odd universities, hundreds of schools, hospitals and the cities created in the interior of the continent. A work that is totally different from that carried out by other European powers such as England, Holland or Germany.

– What is the state of affairs in America today?

– From Mexico to Argentina, the dictatorship of political correctness and the black legend reigns. Anyone who is part of the discourse outside the black legend is automatically excluded from the academic, journalistic and supposedly thinking world. This is the case in all universities except, perhaps, Catholic universities, which keep quiet and say nothing so as not to go against the tide. It is really shameful.

Picture of Cannibalism taking place in the Codex Machilabechiano Folio 73r.

Picture of Cannibalism taking place in the Codex Machilabechiano Folio 73r.

– Has this position in Argentina taken its toll on you?

– Yes, it has been a problem on a personal level because this dictatorship is more efficient than the Gestapo and the KGB. Little by little, even legally, they remove you from the circles of influence and from your work. Not to mention the wave of insults without any deep and serious criticism.

– Who are the people behind this dictatorship?

– When the Soviet Union collapsed, a gigantic Communist Party workforce was left unemployed. Cultural Marxism started from this situation. This movement has then been financed and encouraged by some so-called philanthropists of the world, what I call the world financial oligarchy and what the Pope in an encyclical called “the international imperialism of money”. People like Mr. Evo Morales in Bolivia, Mr. Petro in Chile or López Obrador in Mexico, who foment hatred of Spain because they say that before the arrival of Spain there was a paradise in America, are useful idiots who are helping to fragment their republics, turning them into undifferentiated segments of the world market and without any strength to oppose anything or to build anything. These so-called anti-imperialists are the cheapest work that international money imperialism and Anglo-Saxon imperialism ever had. Because this idea of paradise is absolutely false. What reigned in America before the arrival of the Spaniards was not paradise, but hell. Cannibalism and a brutalising machismo reigned.

– Is asking for forgiveness of any use?

– Forgiveness is useful when two people of good will meet and apologise because one or both of them have made a mistake. But here there is nothing to apologise for. Not because Spain has not sinned, because it has sinned a lot, but because Spain’s good deeds far outweigh its bad ones. What they are seeking with these requests for forgiveness is not the reconciliation of the peoples, but the humiliation of Spain. They want to bring Spain to its knees and amputate its cultural identity. That is why they do not want children to study history before 1812. They do not want young people to know the real history. Neither of the Reconquest of Spain, nor of the Conquest of America, which in reality was liberation. Because that would show a type of Spaniard who was generous, courageous and incorruptible.

Marcelo Gullo

Marcelo Gullo

– In your book you are very critical of Bartolomé de las Casas.

– Bartolomé de las Casas lies like the greatest liar in history. Self-criticism and real defence of the Indians against the abuses of some encomenderos was actually done by holy men like Fray Toribio, who lived with the Indians, loved them, learned their language, and also denounced the Spaniards who committed abuses, but giving names and surnames, not like the liar Bartolomé de las Casas, who made accusations in the abstract. The friar came to Europe, received a magnificent salary and lived like a lord. Fray Toribio, in a very important letter to the Emperor, says something as terrible about him: that he is a mercenary; an accusation that one day we will have to investigate. Until now we have believed that he was a man of good will, and that is not true.

– Why do Spaniards have this predisposition to believe all these negative things about them?

– That’s a question for a psychiatrist rather than a political scientist, because I’ve never seen a case like the Spanish. The Spanish have made a masochistic history of their past, accusing each other of the most heinous crimes of humanity, believing the story their enemies told them. I can’t imagine any ancient Roman believing a story told by Carthage, nor any Frenchman in 1916 assuming the history of France as told by Germany. Here, however, they do. It is said that Spain raped, killed, murdered and that the others are examples of tolerance, and the Spaniards believe it.

– How do you overthrow the court of history, the countries that you say write the history of the West?

– It begins as many of us have begun. The pioneer was María Elvira Roca Barea in trying to overthrow the black legend. I have made my contribution, as has José Luis López Linares with his documentary. This is a cultural war that progressivism, Cultural Marxism financed by these supposed philanthropists of the world, has started against Hispanidad through books and films, and we have to respond in the same way by telling the truth. Mediterranean Europe has believed that because Denmark, Sweden or Germany have developed more industrially they are the West, but in reality they are late Westerners. They are people who came late to the West and with the Protestant Reformation began to move away from the true West, because the West is the sum of Jerusalem, Rome and Athens. When they did the Protestant Reformation and the sects began to establish a completely different principle of Christianity. They revolted against the true Christian message.

– In one of his last speeches, Putin took the side of the nations oppressed by colonialism. Why is it that even he is weighed down by the imperial past?

– In my books I differentiate between empire and imperialism. Empire was Rome and Spain, because they reproduced themselves and brought their culture, their faith, built schools, hospitals, roads…. And then there is English imperialism, which when it arrives in a place says this territory is ours and therefore all those who are here must be killed. The best Indian is the dead Indian. And if they can’t kill them all, like in America or Australia, they create apartheid societies to steal as much as possible and leave when they are thrown out.

– Is it possible to return to the times when Hispanicism was appreciated in America?

– Not only is it possible, but it is absolutely necessary for survival. By taking on the black legend, Spanish-American countries accept the existence of a supposed paradise before the arrival of the Spaniards and, therefore, the tendency is to restore that paradise. That means restoring 700 or 800 tribes and moving towards territorial fragmentation, towards being an insignificant segment of the world. Believing that Spain is the worst piece of rubbish in the world justifies the crazy peripheral nationalisms to want to separate from Spain. We are heading towards an inevitable separation, disintegration, balkanisation, whatever we want to call it, if we do not destroy and stop this legendary black wave.

– The book ends with an epilogue dedicated to the Pope when he thought, back in the 1970s, that there was nothing to ask forgiveness for. What has happened to the Pope since then to change his discourse?

– I don’t know. I have limited myself to publishing an unpublished speech that had never been published before, in which the Pope says that the work of Spain in America was a mission. A mission carried out by the most marvellous woman in history, Isabel the Catholic. And in a process, he says, where Spain left in America its culture and its faith, the best it had, where the conquerors, without fear, without racism, mixed with the local population to make a new people. A new people was built that was better than the old one.

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