They are people without destiny. They do not accept who they are. Hopeless narcissists. People made of scraps and haste. It is not easy to change their minds.

Few political analysts fail to take note of Spain’s current political, economic, cultural and legal disaster. Decent historians know that the current chaos is unparalleled in other periods of our recent history. The low intellectual and moral level of our ruling elites is desperate. Ordinary citizens sense that we are heading straight for the abyss. Sánchez and his allies surround us in order to reduce us to a herd of animals. They do not know what human plurality is, or worse, they confuse it with animal multiplicity. The “only yes is yes” law, and other similar things, are not botch-ups and bad legal monstrosities but terrible governmental devices to do away with the idea of citizenship. Of individuality. We are treated like dangerous prisoners in a maximum security prison. Every day they take away some of our freedoms and undermine our spirit of liberty: the desire to be free.

The Secretary General of the PSOE and President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. | EFE

The Secretary General of the PSOE and President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. | EFE

The political situation in Spain is tragic. Normal people only think about the elections. Millions of Spaniards dream of a coalition government between the PP and VOX. They are disgusted voters of Sánchez and his partners. They do not have much faith in Feijóo’s PP, but they believe that with the support of VOX things would change, even the obtuse right-wingers would take off their lapels the badge of 2030, the badge of the new mass-man without history and without destiny. The good citizens of Spain consider it the only way out to stop the country’s march towards absolute chaos. Many of these people have started an ethical campaign to persuade socialist voters that we are going to the abyss with Sánchez. They are very serious and prepared citizens, they doubt the results of their efforts, but they have deep libertarian and democratic convictions to throw themselves into convincing these willing servants of Sanchismo. These good citizens, among whom I have my best friends, want to hear nothing more than unity among Spaniards to put an end to the country’s cancer: the Peronist communism of Sánchez and his separatist allies.

My friends in the moral campaign against Sanchismo are optimistic and do not want anyone to question the greatest illusion that drives their lives here and now, namely, to convince socialist voters to leave that cavern. They want to free them from their chains so that they can go out and breathe the fresh air of freedom. I share the enthusiasm of this group of Spaniards, but to convince those millions of voters, according to the polls, enslaved by the Sanchezist shenanigans, of their error, we need to know their mental structure. They must know that they are facing, or rather, we are facing, a human type that dominates the world. They are people without destiny. They do not accept who they are. They do not believe in their professions, even if some of them are professors of philosophy, doctors, managers, psychologists, pensioners, judges, artists, film directors, politicians, trade unionists, etcetera. Socialist voters, yes, move with two or three poor abstractions, for example, the left is good and the others are bad. They are people who are incapable of taking charge of their own history, let alone that of their country. Anything will do, especially if it comes from outside… from Europe, from the international, they say very proudly. They lack intimacy and that is why they pretend to be anything in all situations of their lives. And what is worse: they are vain. Adams. Everything is born and dies with them. They are exactly like Sánchez and his ministers. They never doubt that they could be wrong. They are full of themselves. No putting themselves in other people’s shoes. No comparing themselves with others. They only want others to confirm their idea of themselves. The most daring will even say: “These are bad, but the others will be worse”. And they’ve had this mantra all their lives. They are hopeless narcissists. They are people made up of scraps and haste. It is not easy to change their minds.

We are dealing, yes, with idiots. Ortega y Gasset is right again: The mediocre soul is incapable of transmigration. We find ourselves, then, with the same difference that eternally exists between the fool and the perspicacious. The latter always surprises himself two fingers away from being a fool; he therefore makes an effort to escape the impending foolishness, and it is in this effort that intelligence consists. The fool, on the other hand, does not suspect himself: he seems to be very discreet, and hence the enviable tranquillity with which the fool settles in his own dullness. Like those insects that there is no way of extracting from the orifice they inhabit, there is no way of dislodging the fool from his foolishness, of taking him for a walk beyond his blindness and forcing him to contrast his usual clumsy vision with other, more subtle ways of seeing. The fool is lifelong and poreless. That is why Anatole France said that a fool is much more fatal than a wicked man. For the wicked man sometimes rests; the fool never does.

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