In this section, we will share videos that we consider interesting to help understand critical concepts related to the conquest of America, the Black Legend, and its effects in current Hispanic America and, in short, everything regarding Spanish history which may have been wrongly told or even forgotten by the action of Spain’s enemies or the apathy of the Spanish people.

In this short interview, Patricio Lons introduces some of his theories which we will be developing in other videos and articles: how the Hispanic American revolution was a Spanish Civil War and how the British interests were behind the uprising.

A wonderful tale of heroism and discovery, taking the crew of the doomed San Telmo to the cold water of Antarctica. The video credits go to Decíamos Ayer.

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1494 Christopher Columbus founded the city of Concepción de la Vega (Dominican Republic), on the island of Hispaniola.
1524 Francisco Hernández de Córdoba founded the city of Granada (Nicaragua), one of the first on the American mainland.
1537 The Spanish captain Alonso de Cáceres founded the city of Comayagua, Honduras, in New Spain, with the name of villa de Sta Mª de la Concepción de Comayagua.
1548 The Spanish captain Alonso de Mercadillo founded the city of Loja, Ecuador, in the viceroyalty of Peru.
1659 The city of Paso del Norte was founded in New Spain and would later be divided into El Paso (United States) and Ciudad Juarez (Mexico).
1709 Jesuit Lucas Caballero founded the mission and town of Concepción (Chiquitos) in curent Bolivia.
1744 The city of Copiapó (Chile) was founded by Governor José Manso de Velasco, with the name of San Francisco de la Selva de Copiapó.

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