The head of the separatist Mossos calls for the boy whose parents have asked for the application of the sentence in a school in Canet de Mar to be made a vacuum.

The pro-independence forces are not playing with hot air. They are no longer even pretending. The head of the separatist Mossos agents, Albert Donaire, is pointing the way to what must be done to prevent families from requesting the application of the Supreme Court ruling that 25% of teaching hours must be taught in Spanish. He has done so following a request from a family in Canet de Mar and this is his proposal: “This child must be absolutely alone in class. In the hours that are taught in Spanish, the other children should leave the class. We react or they kill our language.

This police officer, who is not only still active but enjoys the protection of the Ministry of the Interior and his commanders, with Josep Lluís Trapero at the head, also calls for schools to disobey the ruling of the Supreme Court and echoes messages in favour of violence against those who demand that their rights and the linguistic rights of their children be respected. Thus, he retweets texts along these lines: “If one day they come to my school to impose Spanish because a f…. family asks for it, I swear I’ll do something big. To begin with, let the whole world know what the faces of those who, on a colonial and supremacist whim, touch our education and language are like.”

He also joins the proposal of the “humorist” Òscar Andreu, who advocates “a subject entitled ‘How to respond to a threat in a forceful way and not in a playful and festive way so that they stop teasing you and start respecting you because if they don’t respect you it’s very expensive for them'”. The “subject on teeth-baring”, “I don’t speak (sic) the other cheek” and “classroom of Almogávares”, Donaire replies.

The mosso also agrees with the message of another well-known “comedian” of the separatist media system, Jair Domínguez, who advocates the creation of a school ghetto: “It would be good to put all the children of the families who denounce together in the same class. Full 100% hours in Spanish. A nice set of Nobel prizes would come out of that.”

For his part, a renowned gastronomist and former professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Jaume Fàbrega, said on the same social network that “I’m in favour of stoning this child’s house. Let them leave Catalonia. We don’t want Castilian supremacists who hate us.” This individual had to leave his teaching post years ago after another message that read: “Tabarneses, C’s… the cancer of Catalonia, third generation of migrants who hate us, like the third generation of Maghrebis in France, adepts of violence and hatred of the host country.” He has cowardly removed his post from the social network.

Warning to families

The pro-independence movement is heating up the demonstration called against the ruling on Spanish in the classroom with messages advocating the creation of ghettos for children whose parents ask for classes in Spanish, for turning them away and for stoning the homes of these families.

The Government of the Generalitat, meanwhile, encourages the call from the Ministry of Education led by the radical Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, of ERC. The messages on social networks also act as a warning to families who are considering requesting the application of the Supreme Court ruling

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