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Fundación Disenso presents a new report on the new law on ‘Democratic Memory’ approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers.

The Council of Ministers of Spain has approved this Tuesday the new law of ‘Democratic Memory’ which replaces the law promoted by the former Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, in 2017.

The new law imposes a simplistic and Manichean interpretation of contemporary history; creates a Public Prosecutor’s Office for Democratic Memory and Human Rights with the aim of muzzling historians; attacks the legitimacy of the constitutional monarchy; and creates a Council for Democratic Memory to establish what is compatible with the Constitution and what is not.

This report aims to analyse the most controversial aspects of the law and warns about the consequences of its approval.

You can download the original report here.


This post was translated from:

(2021) ‘La nueva ley de ‘Memoria Democrática’: una amenaza contra la libertad’, Fundación Disenso, Madrid, 20 July. Available at: https://fundaciondisenso.org/2021/07/20/la-nueva-ley-de-memoria-democratica-una-amenaza-contra-la-libertad/ (Accessed: 21 July 2021).

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