Although it has been demonstrated over several centuries that the so-called Spanish Black Legend was a propaganda machine created, financed and maintained by the friends of commerce and enemies of Spain, it is still very popular in the world because it is currently used by the leftist elites to have a discourse with which they can continue to maintain their privileges and abuses. In this way, the black legend, which is more like a rose, continues to spread in the public education system in Hispanic America.

But why is this the case? Shouldn’t the Hispanics of America be the main defenders of Hispanic culture and the enemies of propaganda? In my opinion, this machinery is still alive and kicking because the elites have few discourses left with which to cause division in Hispanic American society; in fact, following the recipe of other foreign powers that went down the path of defending sexual fetishes, then promoting radical feminism, what is left now is to resume the promotion of indigenism and the Spanish Black Legend.

In a previous article I offered historical evidence about the falsity of this machinery devised mainly by the Protestant world of the friends of commerce and I believe it is no longer necessary to delve into it, however there remain some points to settle regarding the lies that nation-states continue to feed in order to create a disunity-union that allows the elites to keep afloat the system of slavery that operates under the name of democracy.

Hundreds of thousands of people gather at the Fuente de la Hispanidad in San José, Costa Rica. EFE.

Hundreds of thousands of people gather at the Fuente de la Hispanidad in San José, Costa Rica. EFE.

Among the claims that still persist in Hispanic America in favour of the pink legend are:

It was neither discovery nor conquest, but genocide.

Tired of coming across people who repeat this assertion, there is no better way to refute it than by our own existence. If Spain had committed genocide in America, neither you nor I would exist, because what happened in the territories of Canada and the USA would have happened, where the Anglo-Saxons not only did not mix their blood with the indigenous people but also exterminated them in violent military campaigns in the best style of the Nazis in Germany, admired by so many today.

The Spaniards who came to America were criminals taken from the prisons.

If this were true, why was Miguel de Cervantes not accepted to travel to the Indies? Perhaps few people know this, but the greatest writer of world literature applied in 1590 for permission to travel to the Indies but was refused.

If we had been discovered and conquered by the English or the French or the Dutch, we would be developed countries today.

In the first place, the Netherlands did not even exist when Columbus discovered America, and more so because Flanders belonged to Spain. Secondly, on no occasion did the English mix their blood with natives from other regions of the world where they arrived, because they always considered them not to be human beings and did everything possible to exterminate them, as is shown by the many cases such as Australia, Canada or the present-day USA. Thirdly, the French also repeated the same ideas and techniques of slavery and extermination, the clearest example being Haiti, a country that dared to revolt against the French and was then besieged by Napoleon I’s troops to the point of mass murder.

Spain represents imperialism and machismo.

Against this argument, which evokes feelings but lacks historical and factual basis, the only thing to do is to fight it in the same field, in the field of emotions. While Spain was spreading the Hellenic, Latin and Hispanic heritage, the English were creating networks of slavery through the banking systems, under the power of trade. Years later they exported their ideology to the new world and massacred indigenous populations completely. Finally, there is no feminist who talks about Isabella the Catholic, who in 1498 abolished slavery in the Hispanic world.

This is how the Spaniards and the Catholic Church tortured and killed the indigenous people in America.

There are people who argue in favour of the black legend by using as basis engravings of indigenous people being burned alive by Spaniards or by using the name of Bartolomé de las Casas as a historical basis. These claims are unsubstantiated, as the most famous engravings were made by the Flemish Theodore de Bry, an Anglo-Saxon who worked on behalf of prominent Germanic and Saxon instigators, both from London and Frankfurt, including the most twisted of all enemies of the Spanish empire, William of Orange, who unleashed with his accomplices another genocide and fratricidal war known today as the Thirty Years’ War. The engravings of Theodore de Bry expose events that never happened but which accompanied a text by Bartolomé de las Casas that was also printed in several languages to launch a strong campaign to discredit Spain and the Catholic Church in Rome; all based on lies and exaggerations as several historians have demonstrated over the centuries.

Black Life Matters.

This propaganda slogan has become very popular, but it must be pointed out that the problem of racism and slavery is not a Hispanic problem, but was created in the Anglo-Saxon Protestant world, rooted in the Lutheran theology promoted by the friends of commerce, where human life has a different value depending on the colour of its skin. There is plenty of information on this subject that demonstrates how Lutheran and Calvinist theology engendered racial ideas that led white Anglo-Saxons to believe that they are God’s chosen race of man and therefore unparalleled. Anything that was not white and Protestant was inferior to them. Three centuries of Protestant idealism resulted in Nazism, two world wars and the extermination of indigenous populations in North America and also in other regions of the world such as Australia and Patagonia in Argentina during the Republican governments inspired by the scientistic racism created by the English through the misrepresentation of Darwin’s Theory of the Evolution of Species. All this did not happen in the Hispanic world, because there was always a mixture, and although cruel events may have occurred, the truth is that the Hispanic world has always been open to the other and never averse to assimilating differences, something that has never happened with the Anglo-Saxon Protestants who still insist on seeing the Hispanic world as inferior.

It’s Spain’s fault we don’t have wealth.

The most popular idea spread by those sympathetic to the Spanish Black Legend is to equate material wealth with a good standard of living. While it is true that the Hispanic world does not reach the level of material wellbeing of Anglo-Saxon countries, that does not mean that we have a lower quality of life. Is it a good standard of living to sacrifice the best years of our lives in favour of making rich companies and businessmen who care little about their employees? To believe that because we have less material wealth our lives are of lower quality than those of people in highly industrialised countries may be a mistake. Luther’s theology affirmed that God judges man on the basis of the fruits of his actions, and work is the main way to please God, so spending more time working to produce more is the best way to buy paradise. This is the big difference with the Catholic theology of Hispanism. The fact that we are poor or that we have less material wealth than others does NOT make us less human and does NOT take away our dignity. That is the secret why those who are not aware of how much they are worth are easy prey.

And this is as far as I leave this text because it is not my intention to publish here a complete book that refutes the Black Legend, but rather to give a quick, pleasant and simple guide on how to identify and refute the claims of those who continue to spread lies that only seek to divide and make us feel inferior to our Spanish and indigenous heritage. Let one thing be understood. To refute the Black Legend is not because we Hispanic Americans seek to be of service to Spain, but on the contrary, it is to seek the truth at all costs, even when the repeaters of lies become more emboldened, our task will always be to repeat the truths.

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