The Universal Spanish Monarchy was a CREATIVE and not a DEPREDATIVE empire.

Until When?

Have you ever wondered why Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, damn it! we are all underdeveloped countries today, from the so-called third world, when until almost 2 centuries ago we were part of one of the most powerful empires on the planet, in the history of humanity?

Have you ever wondered why we had to defend our coasts so often, during the Viceroyalty period from “envoys”, corsairs, English, Dutch, French pirates, if we were supposed to be part of an empire “as poor and bad” as the Spanish?

Colourful Buildings of Cartagena de Indias

Colourful Buildings of Cartagena de Indias

Have you ever asked the logical question of why did “libertadores” from other territories (Argentina, Venezuela) have to come to Peru if “we were so badly under the Spanish yoke”? Why did we refuse even by taking up arms, to separate from Spain?

Have you ever wondered why at school they only tell us about a ridiculous fraction of viceregal history, while during the rest of the indoctrination (because that is what we receive), we only know from the period of “independence” with civil wars, wars between neighbouring countries, military coups, rebellions and dictatorships?

It’s very simple: because our history was falsified and rewritten by those who defeated us. Because when one investigates what were the viceroyalties of the Spanish crown of the Indies, New Spain, New Granada, Río de la Plata, Peru, the lies come out. And one realizes the great deception.

It is very simple: the Spanish Universal Monarchy was a generator empire and not a predator empire as they have sold us to this day. For example, a button: in 1495 Queen Isabel la Católica prohibited the sale of natives as slaves. In 1504 (remember, the Spanish arrived in Peru in 1532), but already in 1504 Queen Isabel signed her Codicil or testament where fair treatment is demanded to all the Indians, as well as respect for their property. In 1514 her husband, King Fernando the Catholic approved a royal certificate that validated any marriage between Castilian men and indigenous women (and vice versa). Lima was one of the most beautiful and richest cities on the continent. The palaces, cathedrals, churches, universities, centers of teaching and learning of Spanish and Quechua (the Spanish Franciscan monks gave a literary corpus to Quechua which facilitated to recollect the history of the Incas). Do we know anything about the Sioux, Apaches or others who were erased by the British? The monasteries, schools, hospitals, were built with the same care, beauty and splendor as they were built in the Iberian Peninsula. And which we can see still today.

Government Palace, also known as the House of Pizarro in Lima

Government Palace, also known as the House of Pizarro in Lima

Spanish overseas citizens or Spanish Americans, (as we were considered) had a standard of living very above the average of any English, French, German or Dutch in Europe. Let us also remember that the Spanish Empire settled in this land in 1480. Only 12 years later after they arrived in America! And that the empire grew in development, wealth, and prosperity at the same pace as all the other territories they administered in the Americas grew. Or does it not cause you admiration to see the colonial houses, irrefutable proof of that wealth and splendor? And that caused envy and a fierce inferiority complex in the English, Dutch, French, Italian states, which saw the Spanish power as a rival that they had to destroy. How would they do it? Disseminating the Black Legend in Spain and dividing their territories in America. How did they split them? Indoctrinating in that Black Legend and in the ideas of European Enlightenment (atheistic and anticlerical), descendants of Spanish Americans who went to “educate themselves” in Europe (Francisco de Miranda, Bolívar, San Martin), and then send them to America like human Trojan horses and to carry out what they made up as “independences” but were nothing more than a Civil War. We fought amongst ourselves: those who fought in the Royal battalions during independence defending the Spanish monarchy were Indians and Creoles who knew that the enemy was England, France and their allies.

Did you know that José de San Martin in 1821 when seeing that he had made a disgraceful mistake with the Civil War in Peru, tried to establish another monarchy in Hispanic America (obviously this time calling a descendant of the Sachsen Coburg und Gottha dynasty….and guess what? Yes, by chance the same dynasty that had plotted against Spain and has reigned in the United Kingdom of Great Britain? That’s right! And at the end of the same year, he sent a diplomatic mission headed by his minister García del Río to convince Leopold I of Belgium to inaugurate the monarchy in Peru. Obviously, when that king learned of the killings and massacres, he refused and washed his hands like Pilate.

The British Empire was the one that mainly conspired not only to split up and destroy the viceroyalties of Spain. The worst thing is that since “independence”, with the foreign debt, it has trapped all of us in Hispanic America by the underpants with the damn foreign debt, wars, terrorist movements and other curses that afflict us. It is clear then: our debacle began with “independence”.

This will not be shared in any media, even less so you will learn about it in school. Please do investigate, read. In order to start our redevelopment journey, we need to know what the hell happened to us. A nation that does not know its history is a nation without identity, full of resentment, hatred and inferiority complexes, easy prey for the big players, and always condemned to underdevelopment.

Can you imagine what America could be today if united, with a similar culture and sharing a language with 550 million people? That is why they continue to make us believe that we were always poor. That is why it is so easy for those who separated us, to deceive us.

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On This Day

1494 Christopher Columbus founded the city of Concepción de la Vega (Dominican Republic), on the island of Hispaniola.
1524 Francisco Hernández de Córdoba founded the city of Granada (Nicaragua), one of the first on the American mainland.
1537 The Spanish captain Alonso de Cáceres founded the city of Comayagua, Honduras, in New Spain, with the name of villa de Sta Mª de la Concepción de Comayagua.
1548 The Spanish captain Alonso de Mercadillo founded the city of Loja, Ecuador, in the viceroyalty of Peru.
1659 The city of Paso del Norte was founded in New Spain and would later be divided into El Paso (United States) and Ciudad Juarez (Mexico).
1709 Jesuit Lucas Caballero founded the mission and town of Concepción (Chiquitos) in curent Bolivia.
1744 The city of Copiapó (Chile) was founded by Governor José Manso de Velasco, with the name of San Francisco de la Selva de Copiapó.

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