The History of Spain is the great unknown when it is not the great falsified, which we do not know which is worse.

That is why, with this initiative, the aim is the following:

  • to proudly expand the History of Spain, with a critical spirit, without unnecessarily increasing the achievements and feats, but also without underestimating the not so great moments we have had,
  • to give visibility to the behaviour of other nations in similar companies and times as Spain (England / United Kingdom, France, …) showing that all nations are guilty of the same sins and that no one is free of them,
  • to make the Spanish-speaking public aware of episodes that are less well known, such as those in the Philippines, Africa, etc., …

To this end, the most important task is that of translation. As we have mentioned, there is a great deal of information (more or less correct, more or less reliable) that is only available to the Spanish-speaking public.