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The loss of Spanish America

The loss of Spanish America took place between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. It had a long gestation process and was due to political, economic, social, and ideological causes. The roots were in the Spanish American provinces themselves.

Thus, there are numerous factors that explain this process. Among others, the absence of reforms and the desire for autonomy of the mature Creole bourgeoisie. There was also an inability on the part of the rulers to understand the American reality.

Causes of Spanish-American independence.

The internal causes of the process were: the philosophy of the Enlightenment and Bourbon politics. The external causes were: the American Revolution, the French Revolution, England’s interests in America, and Napoleon’s invasion of Spain. But, above all, this event had its origins in a civil conflict between Spaniards. It was not a war of independence, but a struggle between Spaniards.

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