More than 1,800 lawyers stand up to separatism and ask the ‘Govern’ to comply with the linguistic sentences

Pablo Planas

They warn the Generalitat that if it does not apply the rulings in the schools, they will be the ones to demand the execution of the rulings

The time of silence is over in Catalonia. Opposition to separatism is gradually raising its voice. The ruling of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia of 20 December 2020, which implies the inclusion of 25% of Spanish in education, the campaign of harassment against the family of Canet de Mar, with insults and threats even to the child, only five years old, and the calls of the main separatist leaders to disobey have provoked an intense reaction in the sectors opposed to nationalism, from associations to families, through professionals such as lawyers.

It is at the Barcelona Bar Association that the latest episode in this battle is being fought. A note from the Constitutional Law section of the aforementioned collegiate body criticising the Generalitat’s willingness not to comply with the linguistic sentences generated a campaign of harassment by separatist lawyers such as Jaume Alonso Cuevillas, former lawyer of fugitive Puigdemont and member of the autonomous parliament, Gonzalo Boye, Jordi Pina and Andreu Van den Eynde, all of them hired by the coup plotters. In the separatist-oriented media, the members of the Constitutional Law section of the College were accused of being “fascists”. In a display of hypocrisy, the pro-independence supporters have even accused them of politicising the body.

Faced with the harshness of the campaign, a group of constitutional lawyers launched another campaign that has already collected more than 1,800 signatures of lawyers who demand that the sentences be complied with and that the insults and disqualifications cease. This Thursday, a large representation of these lawyers stood at the doors of the College to read a manifesto of support that coincides with the thesis expressed in the note of the Constitutional Law section, insisting that the Generalitat should have protected the minor from Canet de Mar and that it should not only abide by the linguistic sentences but also ensure compliance with them.

Chantal Moll, professor of Civil Law at the University of Barcelona (UB), was in charge of reading a text that concluded with a warning to the autonomous administration: either it complies with the sentence or it will be the lawyers who request its execution on behalf of families and associations for bilingualism.

Among the lawyers present at the rally were Javier Berzosa, José María Fuster Fabra, Miguel Duran, Antonio Pavón and Ricardo Morante, among others.


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Planas, P. (2021) ‘Más de 1.800 abogados plantan cara al separatismo y piden al ‘Govern’ que acate las sentencias lingüísticas’, Libertad Digital, Madrid, 30 December. Available at: (Accessed: 30 December 2021).

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