Calls to stone the family that asks for 25% Spanish in the classroom

Pablo Planas

Those who propose to stone the family that asks for 25% of Spanish in class are denounced

Hablamos Español and the Association for a Bilingual School (AEB) ask the Public Prosecutor’s Office to proceed against those who harass the family of Canet de Mar on social networks.

The organisations Hablamos Español and the Association for a Bilingual School (AEB) have denounced to the Public Prosecutor’s Office the hate messages and threats suffered by the family of Canet de Mar who requested the application of the ruling on the 25% of Spanish in class. Hablamos Español filed its complaint yesterday afternoon and has issued a note in which it states that the despicable campaign orchestrated against this family is one more reason to speed up compliance with the ruling that obliges the Generalitat de Catalunya to guarantee the presence of at least 25% of teaching hours in Spanish”.

The AEB, for its part, announced last night on the programme La noche de Dieter on esRadio that they had reported the harassment of this family to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and stated that they were the victims of a campaign orchestrated by the Generalitat and its media to heat up the separatist demonstration against the Supreme Court ruling scheduled for 18 December.

Independence figures such as the alleged comedian Jair Domínguez, a regular face on TV3, the head of the separatist Mossos, Albert Donaire, another theoretical comedian, Òscar Andreu, and the gastronome and former professor at the Barcelona School of Tourism, Jaume Fàbrega, have taken to Twitter against the parents and the child, proposing that the family home be stoned, that the child be isolated or that the children of families who demand that Spanish should also be the language of instruction should be brought together in a different school.

Hablamos Español reminds families that it is at their disposal to present their demand for 25% of hours in Spanish and reaffirms its proposal to apply a system of freedom of choice of language, the only model that is homologous to that of all countries with more than one official language and respectful of the doctrine of the Constitutional Court and the international treaties ratified by Spain.


This post was translated from:

Planas, P. (2021) ‘Denuncian a los que proponen apedrear a la familia que pide un 25% de castellano en clase’, Libertad Digital, Madrid, 7 December. Available at: (Accessed: 13 December 2021).

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