7 arguments to refute the Spanish Black Legend


Although it has been demonstrated over several centuries that the so-called Spanish Black Legend was a propaganda machine created, financed and maintained by the friends of commerce and enemies of Spain, it is still very

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200 years of slavery


Homer Davila explains how, after independence, the new Hispanic American republics gave away freedom to fall into a modern slavery.

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The Las Casas affair (V): The Conquest in history


Since their appearance on Earth, human groups have travelled to expand over most of the emerged planet, whether by a semi-conscious impulse to explore, to search for resources to live on, driven by climatic

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The Las Casas affair (IV): Motolinía


Las Casas' slander caused outrage not only among the Spanish conquistadores and settlers in America, but also among many of the friars, among them the so-called Franciscan "twelve apostles of Mexico", who not only ensured

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The Las Casas affair (III): Historical Influence of the Black Legend


The deliberate calumnies of Las Casas are the true origin of the Black Legend, beyond the occasional and quite expected disqualifications of Protestants and countries rival to Spain, especially France and England, or annoyed with

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The Las Casas affair (II)


The fabulous virtues of the Indians added to the horror of the Hispanic atrocities: "And to these meek sheep and of the qualities mentioned by their Maker and Creator thus endowed, the Spaniards came

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The Las Casas affair (I)


The question of the treatment of the natives was of far greater concern in Spain than it had been, or would later be, in any other empire, the treatment of subject peoples, the right

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The colonisation of California by Spain


It was only logical that from the end of the 19th century until the 1980s, in California and in the country as a whole, Fray Junípero Serra was considered the "founding father of California".

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