Leftist repression of the blue shirts


The terrorist attacks by socialists, communists and anarchists against the Falangists followed a methodical approach throughout Spain aimed at exterminating the blue shirts. The Spanish left, following Gramsci's models of cultural mutation,

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Ukraine is not Guernica


The forces that occupied the village did not kill a single civilian. After learning of the effects of the bombing, Franco forbade Italian and German aircraft from carrying out similar actions. On

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The historical cowardice of ERC


We saw in 2017 that the nobody will write songs or poems about the bravery of the Catalan leaders, but this seems to be a trait since the beginning of the 20th century.

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The battle of Bailén


On the day of 19 July 1808, one of the most important open field clashes in Spanish history took place: the Battle of Bailén. Taking advantage of the 213th anniversary of the start of

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America’s forgotten slaves, the Irish


When we talk about slaves and America, the first images that come to mind are the huge cotton plantations where slaves brought from Africa work from sun to sun. But there were other slaves, white

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