About Patricio Lons

Journalist and Researcher on Hispanic Revisionism and the Legacy of Spain in America. Founder of Comunidad Hispanista.
When I was only ten years old, studying the English invasions of Buenos Aires in 1806 and 1807, I was surprised by the extraordinary capacity of the Spanish people to overcome any difficulty they faced with fewer resources.
The need to understand our reality led me to a passion for knowing our history. I took advantage of the possibilities afforded to me by having an important family tradition, to be able to investigate that other history that does not come to light, the history of the defeated, the hidden history of what our land was before the transformations.
Understanding that all the Spains of Europe, America, Asia and Africa belonged to the same civilisation, led me along paths that, unknown at the beginning, opened multiple doors that each one of them led to the truth bequeathed by Spain.
Understanding that Spain brought us the Roman order, Greek philosophy and the faith of the Holy Land, and that the revolutions made us involute in these columns of civilisation, led me to the answers necessary to understand the historical course of Argentina in particular and of Latin America in general.
That is where we are, in recovering our tradition to return to being what we should never have abandoned. And I invite all the heirs of Spain and Rome to join us in this journey.

Spain, its history and its future


From heroism to permanent denigration Both Spaniards and Hispanic Americans tend to condemn themselves when they analyse their present reality and their past. It seems that they have done everything wrong as

Spain, its history and its future2021-09-19T23:54:34+00:00

Our traditions are our only defence


If we want a future for our children and our grandchildren, we must understand what we are, so that Argentina does not collapse. Let's see how to lift your spirits. A generalized unease

Our traditions are our only defence2021-09-19T23:03:43+00:00
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